[gazette] Ruki


God it's hard to come to lj and have a life at the same time.

i swear if i'm not at work, i'm studying and if i'm not studying, i'm too tired to think. 

I hope to make it back one day soon. 

it would help if i could write something i think. i think my mood in general would be better if i could write something.

recently i just sort of feel sad all the time. 

it's kind of stupid really. 
[dbsk] Jaejoong

Fuck but it's been awhile

First off, I wanna say Happy New Years to everyone! Everything is quiet here and I'm quite enjoying the peace. :)

I was posting my newest fic to AO3 just a minute ago and realized that I haven't said anything about it on here. So, if you are having problems reading any of my fics on my community (I know the text can be small on certain web browsers/and sometimes LJ can just be a pain in the ass) you can find everything on my AO3. :D

That being said, I apologize for the impromptu hiatus. I've just been super busy and can't get online as much as I would like to. 

Yay for holidays!
[diru] toshiya;; glasses

I guess I'm just a hipster...

Three months ago, I was chosen to go to Japan on a internship. Then, due to crazy government changes in my state, it was canceled. About a month ago, my prof informed me that the internship was back on, but I haven't said anything until now...just to make sure. :) But it looks like I am also going to Japan this fall. :)  

Also, for what ever reason, I'm extremely calm about this at the moment. But I'm really excited. And who ever is going to be there
Aug23-March15, you best believe we are hooking up.